Navigating Christmas

While Christmas may bring joy into numerous hearts around the world, the holiday season can also be a very difficult time for LGBTQ+ people trying to navigate family and friends that just don’t understand.

For those of us who come from families of strong faith, it can be even more challenging to be authentic and transparent at a time where we all wish things were merry and bright.

What are the holidays like with your family? What would you say to a family member who needs help understanding how faith and sexuality intersect? Those are just a few questions we asked LGBTQ+ Christians to answer in this video.

Let’s talk about our experiences with family during the holidays. #EmbraceYourStory

Credits: Todd Lien, Director Christian Brown, Moderator Shane Whitaker, Director of Photography/Video Editor Featuring Andres Casas, Varut Chee, Grace Hwang + Kurt Bender


Coming Out While Christian

As LGBTQ+ Christians, it’s not uncommon for the Church to invalidate our stories and experiences.
But here at Compass L.A., one of our main desires is to foster an environment of authentic storytelling.

We all have a unique journey and sacred tale where God met us in the midst of our intersections of faith, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality. In the polarized world we live in today, it’s time we shout our stories louder.

So over the next few months, Compass is producing a series of YouTube videos that will give our members a chance to talk about what it’s like to follow Christ, navigate family, find community, and pursue vocation.

Let’s start the conversation today, shall we? Let’s talk about coming out as an LGBTQ+ Christian. #EmbraceYourStory

Todd Lien, Director
Christian Brown, Moderator
Shane Whitaker, Video Editor
Featuring Evan Langle + Synne Marie Jensseter